One Dash

Brand Identity

One Dash helps web publishers maximize advertising revenue and streamline operationsemploying Al and machine learning. It is a superior alternative to outsourcing one's ad operations or having an in-house teamThe brand identity had to be clutter breaking and refreshing and win over both existing and potential customers. We developed the brand identity to be youthful and peppy, with a tech feel. Everything about the new identity-typeface, colour graphics, iconography etc.- was created to stand out in the global market.

The new identity, accompanied with the marketing activity, boosted the client's business mutifold.

One Dash Brand Identity Design by Cog Culture - Showcasing the Distinctive Essence of the Brand with Striking Visuals
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One Dash Brand Identity by Cog Culture - Inspiring Connection and Trust through a Distinctive and Captivating Identity
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One Dash Brand Identity Solution by Cog Culture - Crafting Compelling and Unique Brand Experiences for Lasting Impact