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Mountain Dew is among the top-selling beverages both domestically and worldwide, and as a brand, have always been one to inspire and motivate people to challenge their boundaries. As part of their programme to support such daring individuals, we got the opportunity to collaborate with ace mountaineer Arjun Vajpai.

Shooting at

Content Generation / Social Media Management / Video Production

With a team of daredevils and bravehearts, we began the upward ascent on one of the deadliest mountains, Kangchenjunga. At a height where most people fail to breathe normally, we shot videos at a dizzying height! Our efforts could not bear fruit in the first year, but we aren't quitters. In our second attempt at this endeavour, we succeeded in capturing this initiative perfectly.

with Vice

Content Generation

We got the opportunity to work with the market leader when it comes to original content creators, Vice Media. We worked with them as a content partner and also provided them with logistics and production aid. Together, we launched the aspirational and awe-inspiring YouTube series "Kangchenjunga Calling".

This was later also promoted as a TVC, starring Hrithik Roshan who portrays Arjun Vajpai.